Commercial Electric in Redding, CABullert Industrial Electric, Inc.’s expanding customer base and rapid growth throughout Redding, CA is proof of the way Bullert’s conducts its business and works with its commercial electric clients. As a company, we set ourselves apart from the competition in every market. Our team understands how important it is to complete projects on time, on budget and on point – the right way the first time. We know that commercial electric work and expense saved through effective management, quality work and error prevention yields a lower cost for our clients.

Commercial Electric Services Include:

WATER TREATMENT: Installation and development of the electric infrastructure, supporting water treatment systems.

CEMENT PLANT: Bullert knows and understands the complex industry standards and offers comprehensive, multilayered electrical systems, helping you achieve your objectives.

MINING: Power your mining operations safely and efficiently with Bullert’s electrical systems.

INDUSTRIAL CONTROLS: Bullerts provides engineering, instrumentation, installation, and servicing on electrical control systems, and increase your output with the correct automation and controls.

MANUFACTURING: Bullert’s offers electrical architecture to power your manufacturing operations.

WASTE WATER TREATMENT: Bullert’s offers effective, wastewater treatment systems requiring complex electrical designs to cleanse water and prep it for reuse or return to the water cycle.

Safety Mission:

Bullert Industrial Electric, Inc. believes working safely is a value, not only to our employees and contractors, but also to our commercial electric clients. Bullert has built an environment where employees have been empowered to create a safe work space, instead of simply avoiding an injury or penalty. By offering our employees thorough training and education, we have cultivated a compliant and proactive team.