Water Treatment

We develop and install the electrical infrastructure to support your water treatment system. Our systems enable you to effectively and efficiently treat surface and ground water and produce quality water for public consumption.

Cement Plant

Your cement plant requires a solid electrical infrastructure in order to manufacture cement efficiently. Our electrical solutions help you outdo the competition by doing more with less. We understand complex industry requirements and provide the comprehensive, multilayered electrical systems that help you achieve your objectives.


Power your mining operations safely, efficiently and effectively with our electrical systems. We understand the unique needs of underground, tunneling, and surface mining and ensure that your equipment complies with industry regulations and standards.

Industrial Controls

We specialize in a full range of services for industrial controls. Our team provides engineering, instrumentation, installation, and servicing on electrical control systems. Increase your output with the right automation and controls.


We provide competent electrical architecture to run your manufacturing operations. Maximize production and minimize downtime with our power systems.

Waste Water Treatment

To be effective, wastewater treatment systems require complex electrical frameworks to clean water and prepare it for reuse or return to the water cycle. With our electrical design, waste disposal and water reclamation are streamlined with minimal impact to the environment.


Our Commercial Electricians provide support to meet your needs for both your retail and office space.

We Provide

We Provide

24-Hour Service

When power outages or electrical problems occur, our technicians will respond to your needs as quickly as possible, regardless of the time of day or night. We do our best to ensure that your operations continue seamlessly.

Heavy Industrial

We specialize in electrical systems that can handle the complex needs of heavy industrial operations. Our full range of services keep you running at the top of your industry.

Motors and Controls

We provide full electrical service on motors and controls. With our expertise, your control panels and motors will be wired properly to prevent shutdowns and keep your operations running smoothly.

Electrical Troubleshooting

If your electrical system or equipment experiences faults or outages, our experienced technicians will perform electrical troubleshooting to determine the origination of the problem and recommend a solution. We know that time is money, and our goal is to get you back up and running with minimal downtime.

Commercial Work and Electrical Design

Our specialists design electrical systems for all types of commercial work-both new construction and renovations. We understand the unique electrical design requirements for commercial projects and take your specifications from concept to implementation.

We make safety our priority.

We maintain a constant focus on worker protection through public safety meetings and employee interaction. We have a dedicated safety program in place: MSHA Part 46 Surface Mining and Part 48 Underground Mining Certification, Arc Flash Training, CPR and First Aid.

We do it right the first time.

Our commitment to you begins with cutting-edge excellence and customer satisfaction. We keep up with advancements in products and processes.

We get the job done.

We work efficiently and plan ahead to eliminate non-productive days and work with our construction team partners in a cohesive, streamlined manner. We only employ highly talented personnel that has been drug tested, fulfills all the requirements of the local union, and meets all the requirements of Bullert Industrial Electric, Inc., allowing us to do more with less.

We establish positive business relationships.

We leverage relationships with general contractors and engineering firms. We implement prompt follow-up on all customer inquiries, requests, and issues.

We specialize in industrial projects.

We target large industrial and commercial projects—the projects that best fit our strengths. We have the skill and experience to do the job right and keep your costs low.

Our Customers